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Small Businesses

Nowadays, it is generally recognised that all businesses large or small should have some type of web-presence no matter how small the website. By its very nature, it proves that your company is forward looking and innovative - a showcase of your professionalism. However, an old, tired looking website can cause more harm to a business than not having one at all! So how do you strike that happy medium?
Packhorse Design offers small businesses the opportunity to showcase their services and maintain a professional looking website without the usual high set-up costs usually associated with commercial web-design. With a low nominal set-up fee and convenient monthly packages, Packhorse Design offer its clients fresh, intuitive websites that are easy to administer and maintain.
With no long-term contract and a promise to refresh your website every three years, you can rest in the knowledge that your website is always fulfilling its role in your business.
Take a look on the right at just some of the many options we offer our clients. Better still, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a no obligation quote and get your business noticed on the web.